Auckland Netball has a fantastic representative programme that has achieved consistent success over many years. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

Auckland Netball Rep Trials

Trial information for 2024 will be posted shortly.  Please check below information before registering.

Representative Age Groups
Under 18 - Players need to be under the age of 18 as at 1 January 2024
Under 16 - Players need to be under the age of 16 as at 1 January 2024
Under 14- Players need to be under the age of 14 as at 1 January 2024

Please note:  You need to be a student in Year 9 - Year 13 to be able to trial, we do not accept any Year 7 or Year 8 players.

Player Eligibility for Trialling

Auckland Netball members are governed by the Netball New Zealand, the Netball Northern Zone and Auckland Netball Centre Inc representative regulations.  
A)  A player may play and be registered as a player in two Zones if and only if, in one of the Zones she is playing for a school, and in the other Zone she is playing for a club. However, if this applies and the player wishes to be eligible as a representative player for a Netball Centre or Zone, the Netball Centre and Zone in which she is playing for a club shall take precedence, and the player must nominate the Netball Centre in which she is playing for a club as her primary Netball Centre on the registration form.
B)  For a player to be eligible to represent Auckland Netball that player must be registered with Auckland Netball at the time of playing.  If registered in more than one Centre within the same zone, a player must, at the time of competition registration, indicate which Centre they shall be available to represent.
C)  If a player who is registered with Auckland Netball (and has indicated Auckland Netball as the centre it wishes to represent) is not selected to play for Auckland Netball, that player can apply to Auckland Netball for a written release and transfer to play for another Centre.

Contact Details

​​​​​​​Natalie Milicich
​​​​​​​Representative Convenor

Auckland Netball Representative Information

Auckland Netball offers players to represent the centre in the following teams:

  • Opens x 1 team
  • Under 18 x 1 team
  • Under 16 x 2 teams
  • Under 14 x 2 teams

Trials for Auckland Netball age group teams will be held in May. ​​​​​​​