Netball Umpiring is a fantastic sport for people of all ages and levels of experience. Get fit, have fun, build confidence and communication skills that extend far beyond the netball court. Umpiring is a great way to be involved in the game, whether it's for a love of netball or to support your friends and children. We are always looking to grow our umpire community and welcome newcomers with open arms!

If you have any questions, please contact Lorraine Hill on

Umpiring at Auckland Netball​​​​​​​

Auckland Netball uses a pool of umpires to service the umpire requests schools make (primary and intermediate) and also requires allocated umpires for Secondary School Premier, Club Premier and Senior games.

We would love to see as many people interested in Umpiring be part of this as possible. We  require that you be at an appropriate level for the games you are umpiring as people are paying the umpire for this and we want to make it the best experience we can for all involved.

Umpires contribute greatly towards the successful competitions at Auckland Netball and we are very fortunate to have a number of long-standing and experienced umpires as part of our netball community. We thank these umpires for their contributions and in supporting the developing, up and coming umpires.

Further Information

Just getting started? All pool umpires will be required to have attended our Introduction to Umpire programme at the minimum. This is to help us keep a good database and continue to develop umpires.

Have an umpire qualification already? Those wanting to do higher level games (Club Senior/Premier and Secondary School Premier) will also need to be affiliated in order to gain priority in allocations appropriate to their level of qualification, plus access umpire group communications about competitions and tournaments, Zone and NNZ pathways, and further development opportunities. 

For more information contact Lorraine Hill on

Umpire Affiliation

All School, Club and ANC umpires who will be umpiring in the 2024 season are required to please complete the below form.

Umpire Coaches Needed                   

Every year Auckland Netball has many young aspiring umpires learning to umpire and needing support on game days. Often they are young umpires who have completed their introduction to umpire course and are still buliding their confidence.

Support/Coaching involves encouraging young umpires who may be struggling to blow the whistle loud and strong, answering any of their questions at breaks and managing any potentially challenging sideline situations.

Auckland Netball Umpire Committee

Auckland Netball has always had a great group of people from the community that have put their hand up to help support, coach and allocate umpires across our competitions and within our community.

The committee is made up of volunteers that work together to complete many tasks including allocating umpires to games, supporting umpires with coaching and assessments, sideline support, communication with umpires, and helping to create a positive and friendly umpire community culture.

We NEED this support in order to keep our competitions running smoothly and help develop our aspiring umpires.



If you need any further information please contact Lorraine Hill


​​​​As much as possible, our Panel Leads support umpires in their pursuit to achieve their next level of qualification.



Netball NZ Exams

Dates for the 2024 NNZ Zone Theory and New Zealand Theory exams will be available shortly. Netball NZ will update information on their page with details for each exam approximately 1 month prior to applications being due for each exam.

Auckland Netball Affiliated Umpires who have their Zone Badge can contact Matt Davis for guidance around sitting their NZ Theory Test.


Umpire Badge Assessments

​​​​​​​Auckland Netball Affiliated Umpires can contact Matt Davis for support in connecting with a coach, and guidance around NZ Badge assessments.