Year 7 & 8 Player Development Programme (PDP)

Auckland Netball offers Year 7 and Year 8 Development Squads as part of the Netball NZ’s national initiative. The PDP is an accelerated learning programme providing players the chance to develop and extend their technical, tactical and development skills as well as inspiring a lifelong love of the game. The programme has been developed as an alternative to Representative Teams, and will include tournament play as part of the programme.


The Programme Includes: 

  • Physical skill and tactical development through diverse sporting approaches 
  • Athlete development 
  • Integrated Neuromuscular development/improving muscle control of a growing body
  • Improving and progressing Netball movement skills
  • Stage-specific strength activities 


Players must be in School Year 7 or Year 8, must play in a school or club team at Auckland Netball (includes Auckland Netball, Windmill Park and Three Kings netball competitions).

Cost: $200

2024 Dates*

Course runs for 6 weeks on a Wednesday afternoon from 4.30pm - 6.00pm

Dates are: 

  • 22nd May
  • 29th May
  • 5th June
  • 12th June 
  • 19th June 
  • 23rd June: 4:30pm - 6:00pm (Festival day)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​*It is expected that you can make all of the above dates


  • Provide development opportunities for Year 7&8 players
  • Include tactical and technical development for all positions
  • Implement a National approach for the development of young players
  • Refocus on fundamental movement skills as athletes move through puberty


Venue: Auckland Netball, 7 Allison Ferguson Drive, St Johns

Registration timeline:

  • Unless contacted prior about any issues with this registration, the completed registration will enable the player to take part in the programme (you will receive a confirmation email)
  • Late nominations will only be considered by request

Contact: Caitlin Smardon,​​​​​​​

Self-Assessment of Key Strengths 

Players registering will be asked to identify which of the following apply to them:

  • A good work ethic
  • Executes netball skills at a good level 
  • A high level of responsibility and self-reliance
  • Works well in a team environment and supports others
  • Enjoys playing the game of netball 
  • Is an enthusiastic learner 
  • Has a high level of commitment and dedication


Registrations are now open! 

Late registrations can only be approved by the Development Programmes Office at